Influencer Marketing and Blogger Outreach software that streamlines influencer marketing and lead generation process. Smart Search the largest database of 100M Influencers across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and Blogger Websites.Automated outreach and follow-ups.Automated Coupon distribution and performance results tracking.

Influencer Marketing Made Easy

With Influencer marketing being the next wave of paid advertising current approaches are cumbersome and ineffective. With a database of over 120M influencers, across Instagram, TikTok, YouTubeand Blogger Websites, Intelligent Search tools, outreach campaign management tools, integration with eCommerce stores, and performance monitoring, Ninja Influence makes it easy to quickly find the right influencers, monetize them and monitor their performance to know your campaign level and influencer level ROIs.

Sophisticated search and outreach

With the Intelligent Search managers have the ability to pinpoint influencers based on interest, hashtags, category, number of followers, gender, geography, language, engagement rate, and even post views and likes, the brand manager can find the exact match for his campaign with even a KPI dashboard on the Influencer and their latest post. The chosen influencers can be quickly added to an outreach campaign and be centrally managed without losing track of responses and offers.

Monetize and Monitor

With integration to eCommerce stores, the brand manager can easily offer coupon discounts to increase the effectiveness of the influencer posts. This monetization can them be easily monitored with our campaign performance dashboards where you can track how the campaign is doing in terms of sales generated and ROI, as well as social KPIs like views and engaments. This can be done also on an influencer level or even on a post level so the brand manager can tell which influencer is more effective and should be reengaged on future campaigns.