Identify Blue Lake opportunities quickly with little effort. Allows you to lead the competitor brands by miles ahead. Taking action to grow your numbers. Final score recommendation, niche competition analysis, in-depth market analysis, List Quality Analysis.

Reducing New Product Innovation Pain

By automating the process of Identifying a high revenue, high-profit niche with relatively low competition, product innovation now can  take a much shorter time and is no longer a hit or miss process

Eliminating Labor Intensive Tasks

By automatically scanning and analyzing millions of niches in amazon to find the blue lakes in Amazon’s red ocean the system eliminates a very labor-intensive process that requires the use of several 3rd party tools excel spreadsheets and weeks of work by trained analysts.

Sophisticated Dashboards Reduce Uncertainty

With a set of sophisticated dashboards, each product invocation recommendation can be quickly analyzed in-depth to significantly  increase the chance of success

Finding the Blue Lakes

Utilizing Machine and Deep Learning to quickly identify high potential niches and product ideas by extrapolating the information required from the massive amounts of data that we accumulate. The AI/ML system analyzes millions of products and tens of thousands of niches to group them into niches and assess their opportunity score.

Launching the Right Product

By scanning Amazon using 15 different ML/AI models working together, we provide brand managers with hundreds of blue ocean opportunities each month for new product introductions by providing  clear decision-making KPIs for each

Its All About the Data and Prediction

Each Recommendation is scored based on, Revenue, Profit, ROI, Market Size, Market Share, List Quality, Niche Breakdown, Competition Market Share,  Level and type of competition,  Revenue and Profit of competitors, and Innovation ideas.

All of these are easily viewed and analyzed through the Decision Dashboards.